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The VOTE HEMP, MJBiz Hemp Daily, and our own West420 estimates have projected the following acreage requests in the top hemp states for Spring, 2019.   They are shown with 2019 acreage(divided by no. of farmers for AAPF), each+ state's   total farmers (in parenthesis), and last years final acreage harvested.

KENTUCKY: 58,000 (1,047 farmers) 2018: 6700 

 AAPF (Average Acres per Farmer) : 55.4

COLORADO 80,000 acres (2300 farmers)  

21,578 acres harvested in 2018- AAPF: 35.8

OREGON 51,313 acres/2019 (1,449 farmers) 2018: 7808 AAPF: 35.4

TENNESSEE: 37,416 (2900 farmers) 2018: 3,338     AAPF: 12.9

NORTH CAROLINA: 11,576 acres (933 farmers) 3,184     AAPF: 12.4

NEW YORK:   5,000+ (278 farmers) 2,240 in 2018   AAPF: 18 acres

MONTANA 40,000+ (250 farmers) 22,000     AAPF: 250 acres**

WISCONSIN 16,100 acres(1,240 farmers) 1,850     AAPF: 13.9 acres

NEVADA 9,145 (154) 3,184 indoor/outdoor in 2018       APF: 59.4 acres

Other significant plantings/harvesting states for 2019 are likely to include: Vermont, North Dakota, Minnesota, Maine, So. Carolina and Pennsylvania.      Find current state hemp rules (as of Jan., 2019) at


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Global CBD-Related Hemp-MMJ Research Companies

                              CIIX: Chinese Hemp Co- Endoca(Netherlands) - OWC Pharma(Israel)                                                     GW Pharmacuetical/ GW BioScience - Novartis/ Sandoz Canada (w/ Cronos)-

 CannaMedical Pharma GmBh(Germany)

- Tikun Olam (Israel) - Phyto Tech Medical (Australia)


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