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CBD:B2B  10:45am to 5:45pm - Marriott Denver Airport Hotel

In 10 Carefully Connected Modules-- and from six global experts

  • Deconstructing the Global CBD Craze -- Charlotte Figi & CNN/ Sourcing Hemp, MJ and Pharma/
  •  Audience Introductions  -- Media Impressions of CBD --  Why Martha Stewart?
  • What has changed with the 2018 Farm Bill? Status of USDA and FDA activity -- Best State Initiatives
  • Science & Research  ---  GW Pharma's creation of Epidiolex   - Entry of Synthetic & Bio-Derived CBD/THC                                         Theoretical Therapeutics:  Matching Conditions to Cannabinoid Combinations-- Sample Studies for Pain
  • Agriculture and Laboratory Options--  Genetics and the .03 THC Barrier  -- Harvest, Process & Wholesale Selling
  • CBD Consumer Delivery Tech and Innovation in Product Design and BioAvailability
  • Distribution at Retail & TheNet:  Health/Drug Stores -- Dispensaries- Mass Retail Oulets - Buying WWW
  • Financing a $2Billion-Plus Market-- Public Companies and Current Market Leaders - Raising New $$$
  • The Long View:  Competing on Quality - The Global Dimension - Best Bets for CBD in 2019


Session Leader: Lloyd Covens

Dr Covens has presented ten national and regional gatherings on legal CBD access.  An 18-year journalist, Covens has edited the weekly "West420 News" since 2015, after 2 decades of reporting on innovation rollouts including HDTV, satellite and energy savers.

He holds his business doctorate, MBA and undergrad from Colorado State 

Fight Uncertainty with Facts

After Conference Support

Changes in the hemp/CBD landscape can arrive at a blinding speed.  That's why session experts from Denver-based CBOutLook constantly update news, data and industry product modeling.  Your registration includes this one year-subscription to CHemp7 Updates.

Past attendees have come from: Canopy Growth, Ebbu, Elixinol, HelloMD,  Scottsdale Research Initiative, Colo Dept of Health,  Mary Nutritionals, Hoban Law, Vicente Sederberg, Quicksilver, ACNA and many healthcare experts.

You wont find a better conceived overview of the global cannabinoid scene.