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New Notes on CBD/Inflame Relief

Cannabinoid Delivery Systems for Pain and Inflammation Treatment

Molecules 2018, 23(10), 2478;


by Natascia Bruni 1OrcID,Carlo Della Pepa 2,Simonetta Oliaro-Bosso 2,Enrica Pessione 3,Daniela Gastaldi 4 andFranco Dosio 2,

 Accepted: 25 September 2018 / Published: 27 September 2018

Abstract: There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that cannabinoids are beneficial for a range of clinical conditions, including pain, inflammation, epilepsy, sleep disorders, the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, anorexia, schizophrenia and other conditions. The transformation of cannabinoids from herbal preparations into highly regulated prescription drugs is therefore progressing rapidly. The development of such drugs requires well-controlled clinical trials to be carried out in order to objectively establish therapeutic efficacy, dose ranges and safety. The low oral bioavailability of cannabinoids has led to feasible methods of administration, such as the transdermal route, intranasal administration and transmucosal adsorption, being proposed. The highly lipophilic nature of cannabinoids means that they are seen as suitable candidates for advanced nanosized drug delivery systems, which can be applied via a range of routes. Nanotechnology-based drug delivery strategies have flourished in several therapeutic fields in recent years and numerous drugs have reached the market. This review explores the most recent developments, from preclinical to advanced clinical trials, in the cannabinoid delivery field, and focuses particularly on pain and inflammation treatment. Likely future directions are also considered and reported.

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