The Vault:  A Link to 18 Critical CBD/MJ Studies

From government testimony (FDA) to industry white papers (MPP, Project CBD, NAS) to recorded events (ExpoEast, Harvard Medical) to landmark journal articles, here is the backbone of industry analysis. Over the past 4 years, these are the West420 collection of "greatest hits" in the "must-read" category. It's our April gift -- pick one-a-day and share!

16. Dr. Raphael Mechoulam -- "Cannabis: a Plant that Deserves More Respect"

15. National Academy of Science

"The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids -- The Current State of Evidence and Recommendations for Research" (2017) 486 pages A report discussion:

14. Dr. Ethan Russo - "Taming THC: potential cannabis synergy and phytocannabinoid-terpenoid entourage effects" (2011)

13. Harvard Medical School-- video panel discussion - "Marijuana: The Latest Scientific Findings and Legalization" Mar 25, 2017 -- Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health -

12. "Understanding Cannabidiol" Hello MD and BrightField Group- "

Survey of 4000 medical cardholders and CBD customers on their use and outcomes with CBD. July, 2017

11. "CBD Goes Mainstream" Consumer Reports, April, 2019 by Lisa L. Gill

with a complementary

video -

10. FDA Hearings-- May 31, 2019 on Pathways to CBD regulation comments by

4,504 submissions to FDA on "Scientific Data and Information about Products Containing Cannabis or Cannabis-Derived Compounds; Public Hearing" Written, Audio/video comments at:

9. Whitney Economics (Nov., 2019) "The Field of Dreams: An Economic Survey of the United States Hemp Cultivation Industry,” -- based on a survey sent to nearly 10,000 individual hemp cultivators in 18 states and an analysis of market data.

8. Baltimore Expo East -- 6 hours/ Natural Products Expo CBD & Hemp Summit- Sept. 11, 2019--Six panels and 4 presentations in one of the most comprehensive U.S. hemp/CBD market and science collaboration. Expert speakers representing Council for Responsible Nutrition; HIA; VoteHemp; Neptune Wellness; Rodale; RE Botanicals; Greenberg Traurig; Anavii Market and Manitoba Harvest.

7. Executive Summary: The State of Legal Cannabis Markets – 7th Edition (Dec. 2019)ARCView and BDS Analytics -- annual executive summary of larger ($397) study:

6. Cowen&Company/New York and Headset/Seattle -- 2030 Projections of $80Bill. total cannabis sales. Jan., 2020

5. US Hemp Roundtable: Best Practices for Hemp Growers, Processor, Mfrs and Brand Owners - Overview for "Hemp Certification" program. Fall, 2019

4. Marijuana Policy Project -- "Regulating Cannabis Oil Vaporizers" -- Report on the EVALI crisis with specific recommendations.

3. New Frontier Data -- Original and comprehensive reports (both free and for subscription) on virtually every economic topics in hemp, CBD and cannabis, with number one global analysis. See full set of reports at and see this in-depth analysis of U.s. legal and illegal cultivation by state:


2. The Illinois Study(26 pp.): "A SNAPSHOT OF DEMAND FOR ADULT-USE CANNABIS IN ILLINOIS" by John Hudak, Lewis Koski and Andrew Freedman

1. Project CBD -- Since 2014, leading analysis and timely articles, research and opinion. See this sample article on dosing for THC/CBD in high and low combinations(micro-dosing):

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